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An innovative approach to rejuvenating the body from the inside

The progressive aging of the population is becoming an increasingly urgent problem, resulting in an acute demand for drug-assisted life extension and improvement of its quality.

The solution to the problem is the widespread distribution of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), based on the proven positive effect of growth hormone on thymus regeneration, and thus on significant improvements in the recovery of body functions and, thereby, a decrease in biological age.

Therapy with a complex of growth hormone preparations + metfarmine + EDHA was chosen as a tool. Their complex intake allows reducing the biological age of the body by 2.5 years in 1 y ear.

Global statistics of ageing

By 2030, 1 in 6 people in the world will be aged 60 years or over. At this time the share of the population aged 60 years and over will increase from 1 billion in 2020 to 1.4 billion. By 2050, the world's population of people aged 60 years and older will double (2.1 billion

Especially countries in the early stages of the demographic shift have the opportunity to plan ahead and implement the right measures ahead of time, to effectively manage the challenges that come with an ageing population.

“Population ageing is a defining global trend of our time,” the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs writes in its World Social Report 2023. One of the main challenges for countries with ageing populations is to ensure that the economy can support the consumption needs of a growing number of older people, be it by raising the legal retirement age, removing barriers to voluntary labor force participation of older people or by ensuring equitable access to education, health care and working opportunities throughout the lifespan, which can help to boost economic security at older ages.

What is ageing? How can it be measured? Epigenetic clock and it's value

At the biological level, ageing is a progressive loss of function and energy production that is accompanied by decreasing fertility and increasing mortality with advancing age.

If people can experience these extra years of life in good health and if they live in a supportive environment, their ability to do the things they value will be little different from that of a younger person. If these added years are dominated by declines in physical and mental capacity, the implications for older people and for society are more negative.

Aging and the Epigenetic Clock

Changes in DNA methylation correlate with age and it has been shown that a set of differentially methylated loci can be used to calculate the biological age of mammals, with potential predictive powers for life expectancy. This has been dubbed the "Epigenetic Clock". This discovery has led to research into the potential to delay or reverse these epigenetic changes with life style changes, dietary interventions, pharmaceutical approaches, or cellular reprogramming.

Epigenetic clocks are mathematically derived age estimators that are based on combinations of methylation values that change with age at specific CpGs in the genome. These clocks are widely used to measure the age of tissues and cells . The discrepancy between epigenetic age (EpiAge), as estimated by these clocks, and chronological age is referred to as EpiAge acceleration. Epidemiological studies have linked EpiAge acceleration to a wide variety of pathologies, health states, lifestyle, mental state and environmental factors , indicating that epigenetic clocks tap into critical biological processes that are involved in aging.

The importance of technology and its relevance

Innovations in research

New technologies provide more efficient ​research methods and new possibilities in ​tr ea tmen t.

Technical equipment

We use modern technologies and technical ​equipment to create our high-quality cream ​that is capable of combating the signs of ​aging.

Clinical trials

We conduct research to validate our ​innovations and demonstrate their ​ef f ecti ven ess

Attempts to work on the thymus



Action of certain hormones on the thymus of domestic hen



Rejuvenation of the aging thymus: Growth Hormone and Ghrelin-mediated signaling pathways



Cooperation between human thymus- derived lymphocytes in the antibody response to ragweed antigen E in vitro



A new phytocosmetic preparation from Thymus vulgaris stimulates adipogenesis and controls skin aging process: In vitro studies and topical effects in a double- blind placebo-controlled clinical trial

What they tried to do before us

Anti-ageing cosmetic treatment - work with the result of ageing.

Facial contouring

One of our most popular treatments for mature skin is facial contouring with fillers. This can be to correct age-related changes such as facial sagging, from your 40s upwards, but also to correct hereditary contour issues such as a recessed chin or a bumpy nose, in younger individuals.

Botulinum toxin

It is used for normalising pathological facial movement patterns such as over-frowning in a way not to freeze movement completely, but simply normalise over-movement.

Micro focused ultrasound with visualisation (MFU-V)

MFU-V is one of those regenerative treatments that essentially help the skin to help itself via bio-stimulation. MFU-V is a non-invasive energy-based treatment which helps on two layers – the dermis and the SMAS layers.

PRP needling

We take a sample of the patient’s own blood and isolate the platelets with a specialist method. These are full of growth factors, and we then needle that growth factor rich solution back into the skin with a needle pen which creates thousands of tiny holes. Your skin is essentially tricked into thinking all these minute punctures are wounds and every single one goes through a wound healing process which includes ramping up collagen and elastin production. It’s a strong regenerative treatment which improves elasticity and firmness of the skin, and improves skin texture and fine lines.

Dermatology grade facials

They consist of multiple steps including extractions to get all the ‘junk’ out of your pores, advanced wet microdermabrasion, a gentle peel and lymphatic drainage. They may also include LED light treatment and/or cryo-stimulation depending on your skin’s needs.

Different scin-care symptomatic treatment to hide ageing

Basler Thymus Tonikum Bouteille

Content: 200 ml

With thyme extracts. Only use the tonic in combination with Thymus shampoo. Thoroughly pre-wash the hair with warm water, then massage the Thymus shampoo into the scalp and wash the hair thoroughly. Rinse with warm water and towel dry. Apply Thymus tonic to towel-dried hair and massage vigorously into the scalp with your fingertips. Then massage the hair. After a few minutes, the hair care product is absorbed. The tonic does not rinse out. Then style your hair as usual, without using a styling gel

Aloe Vera Thymus Revitalizing Cream

Content: 50 ml

Rich cream for extremely dry, chapped skin

This restructuring day and night cream is for skin that needs much attention. The active ingredients counteract premature skin aging, and give vitality and tone to skin that is in need of care. Especially suitable for dry, rough skin with need for regeneration. Also possible for skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

Private clinics with local anti-age treatment

A2C Anti-Aging Clinic

The A2C ANTI-AGING CLINIC was founded in 2006 by Monika Golková. Originally as the first private practice in the field of the Anti-Aging medicine. At that time anti-aging medicine was a completely unknown field in the Czech Republic. The first examination made in the clinic at that time was, for example, an examination of the biological age of the organs, food intolerance testing, genetic examination, testing of oxidative stress in cells and infusion regeneration therapy.

BE YOUNGER More than just a treatment!

The BE YOUNGER Product Includes:


Concierge Service

  • Doctor's support throughout the entire period of therapy
  • Control of the regularity of the use of the cream and the client's well-being in connection with the use of the product
  • Correction of the customer's preferences
  • A guarantee of the result if the therapy is followed in the form of a refund option
  • Control of the thymus with the help of MRI at the entrance and exit of treatment
  • Turnkey service - all costs included

Free Delivery Anywhere in the Wor ld

Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night. You can also visit our office for a personal consultation


Complete Anonymity and Security of Personal Data Storage

Rest assured knowing that your personal data is protected with our advanced security measures, ensuring complete anonymity and secure storage throughout your experience


Verification of Input and Output Parameters of Blood Tests

We ensure the accuracy and reliability of blood test results through thorough verification of both input and output parameters, providing you with precise and actionable health information


Control Over The Term of Use

Our comprehensive control measures allow us to monitor and manage the duration of product use, ensuring optimal effectiveness and maximizing the benefits for our customers


Support of The Doctor During All Period of Treatment

Our dedicated support team of medical professionals is available to provide guidance, assistance, and personalized care throughout the entire duration of your treatment, ensuring a comprehensive and attentive approach to your healthcare needs.


Online Quality Control

Our advanced online quality control system ensures that our products consistently meet the highest standards, providing our customers with reliable and superior quality they can trust


Our Team

Alexander Zhuravlev

Investment Head, Investment Strategy Adviser, Crisis Manager, Startup Mentor

Anna Karpenko

Business owner,

Doctor (orthodontist)

Ilise Feitshans

International Lawyer of I.P. and Nanotechnology, European S.I.A. France



Doctor-endocrinologist, P.H.D. of medical sciences, Head of Research of UNPCEKHTEOiT, Expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Market Potential

According to the Global Wellness Economy Monitor, the global wellness market is valued at $4.2 trillion.

Global Wellness Economy Monitor names the leading wellness trends as nutrition and weight care industry: the volume of this segment of the global market in 2017 was $702 billion, wellness tourism ($639 billion), preventive and personalized medicine ($575 billion) and fitness ($595 billion). Anti-age medicine in its traditional sense, according to analysts, accounted for a small volume of $1.083bn. According to the Global Wellness Economy Monitor forecasts, the global wellness market will continue to grow, with the wellness tourism segment becoming the driver, increasing by 43% to $919bn by 2022.

The main global trend is the development of preventive medicine, a shift from treatment to active prevention with constant attention to one's body. The achievements of science make it possible to maintain one's biological age at the level of 30-40 years at the age of 60-70 years. That is, now you can not only look, but also feel twice as young.Preventive medicine, unlike traditional anti-age programmes, implies a comprehensive approach. It includes in-depth diagnostics followed by activation of the body's internal reserves and development of an individual health strategy.

To Whom We Want to Sell The Startup


Women and men aged 40 and above who are conscientious about their health and appearance.

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Depositors seeking high-yield investment opportunities with a reliable and experienced p a rtn er.


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